Becoming and staying mobile and strong,
having fun to music and socialising

Movement to music brings a sense of fun to exercising. The effect is uplifting, working the heart and lungs and stimulating the mind. Classes are laughter-filled, song requests and freestyling welcome; an opportunity to get out, move to feel well and catch up with friends. 


Fiona’s chair circuits include functional activities such as sit-to-stand and balance exercises, using resistance bands to work on strength and flexibility.  The aim is to enhance mobility for activities of daily living and to improve confidence through movement. Props such as balls, scarves and hoops add fun and variety. With knee pads and mats to practise moving to the floor and back up.

Fiona's active for life circuits and silver monkeys classes explore more advanced movement. Weights are used; movement patterns to the floor and up enhanced, with focus on strength, balance and agility. Participants learn new / revisit old skills in a safe environment, from work on the rings, fitballs, vewdo boards and slacklines to hula hooping and double dutch. Primal gym has a sprung carpeted gymnastics floor and is the ideal location for floor based, impact and challenging balance work.

A beautiful film about The Open Door where Fiona teaches monthly:

The Open Door - YouTube

For information on strength and balance and falls prevention:

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